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Meal - Butter Chicken

Meal - Butter Chicken

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Tender chicken pieces in our own butter chicken sauce, served with biryani rice.

Newton's No Gluten Butter Chicken is free from gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, and egg.

Size: Prepared in circular container with frosted lid. Approx. 315g.

Preparation: Keep Frozen. Do not remove lid. Microwave from frozen for 4 to 5 minutes on 80% power. Allow to cool to safe temperature and be mindful of hot steam when removing lid. Enjoy! Cook from frozen until a minimum internal temperature of 165˚F (74˚C) is reached. ** CONTAINER IS NOT OVEN SAFE **

INGREDIENTS: Drug free chicken breast, Filtered water, Basmati rice, Canned diced tomatoes (tomatoes, tomato juice, calcium chloride, citric acid), Coconut milk (coconut milk 99.95%, polysorbate 60), Canola oil, Green onions, Raisins (raisins, sunflower and or cottonseed oil), Spices, Navy bean flour/Millet flour, Fresh cilantro, Evaporated cane sugar, Sea salt, Garlic powder, Fresh lime juice.

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