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Dairy Bar - Grasshopper

Dairy Bar - Grasshopper

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Newton's No Gluten Grasshopper (mint) Bars are free from gluten, peanuts and tree nuts. Contains dairy (milk), and egg.

Size: This package contains one 3"x2.875" piece of grasshopper (mint) bar (approximate size may vary slightly).

Preparation: Keep frozen. Thaw on the counter at least 1 hours prior to serving.

Ingredients: Sugars (icing sugar (icing sugar, cornstarch), evaporated cane sugar), Butter, Chocolate (sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter),  Eggs, Water, Corn flour, Corn starch, Tapioca starch, Brown rice flour, Navy bean flour, Pure vanilla extract, Sea salt, Xanthan gum, Peppermint oil, Tartrazine, Brilliant blue FCF. 

Contains: Egg, Milk.

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