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Sno Mint Choc Ice Cream

Sno Mint Choc Ice Cream

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Borrowed from the SNO website:

Get the refreshing taste of spearmint with an avalanche of chocolate cookie pieces. Made with real dark chocolate and natural mint flavor, every bite will be irresistible. The Mint Choco Biscuits is truly one of a kind.


Gluten-free oat drink (water, organic gluten-free oat flour) • Chocolate cookie (brown rice flour, cane sugar, apple puree, canola oil, cocoa powder, tapioca starch, apple starch earth, pale powder, natural flavor, salt) • Sugars (cane sugar, tapioca syrup) • Coconut oil • Rapeseed oil • Rice flour • Natural flavors • Pea proteins • Acacia gum • Tara gum • Guar gum • Sunflower lecithin • Gellan gum • Chlorophyll.

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